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I don't understand why my Gig was denied? :(


It says “Your Gig requires modification - Third Party TOS violation, Suspicion of fraud or spam”, I don’t really understand what it means by that? I wasn’t going to scam or anything.

I was offering likes on every picture someone had on instagram, including comments and follows of 2 of my accounts.


Tell us more about those gigs, what were you offering?


Thanks for your reply. I have now added what I was offering.


Well, whoop there it is. Selling likes etc. violates Fiverr’s and Instagram’s ToS, you will have to think about offering gigs that doesn’t violate Fiverr’s ToS if you wish to remain a Seller here.


I have read a bit through the ToS now. Though I thought that it would be okay, since I saw it in videos multiple times. Thanks for clearing up this “mystery”.

Have a nice day!