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I don't usually get orders on my writing gig, what can I do

At times, it seems it is going to remain like that for ever without any order when I will just get one order maybe 1 in 2 days, please fiverrians what can I do.

Go to buyer requests send reasonable offers, promote your gig on social media & most importantly wait, if you services are good enough, you’ll get orders soon enough.

In your field there are a lot of scammers active. You, however, are the first one who’s profile page isn’t full of mistakes. This is very uncommon in that said field.
Just be patient, I believe you will make orders very soon.
One tip: if your profile pic is a stock image, change it to a real one.

That is how it is for many in their first months on fiverr. You have only been here for 3 months which is very new.

The same with me but i was asked to have patience.

To me, I will advise you work on your service description.

Two, add video to your gig.

Three, make your title keyword content oriented.

Most time, it is your gig position on fiverr search result that willl determine it getting order.

I hope this helps.

Same is happening to me. Been like that for two weeks… Believe it’s going to change soon enough.

Alright, thank you.

Alright, thank you

Okay,i will try that, thanks

Social sharing and backlinking of you gig is what i would suggest you. My 1st order and the 50% of initial orders i got were by tracking people willing to get services i offer. Getting your gig infront of relevant audience is what i would suggest to all the people who are new here and willing to increase their sales. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tip.Please, how can I backlink my gig?

You’re Welcome!! You can get Backlinks by sharing it on different Social Media Pages, Groups, Forums/Blogs etc