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I dont want to get a warning for no reason. Please Help

So a buyer recently placed an order, claimed to be 100% happy but gave me a 4.7 star. I know that is not a terrible rating, but it was upsetting because I put in a lot of effort for his order. I did not bother messaging him/questioning him on inbox because I know that is against the ToS. But from what I know, other sellers have still responded to the buyers feedback in the comment box. So thats what I did and I explained why I was confused with his rating, because he seemed to be amazed by my work. So yes, I did say “I am confused by your rating” but I posted that as a comment on my gigs page where buyers leave reviews for you. I wanted to ask if thats okay. As far as I know it is, but what happened later was that the buyer messaged me on inbox telling me he gave me a 4/5 because he wasn’t “blown away,” even though he claimed differently. I have not responded anything to him. But I am afraid that maybe because he used the word “4 star” fivers system may trigger an unnecessary alert. Please let me know if what ive done regarding responding the buyers review was acceptable or not. I am an ethical seller and want to remain that way

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Please this is urgent I need some feedback on this

I just dont want to get an unnecessary warning. Has anybody else experienced this?

Just leave it as it is.

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I agree with @lloydsolutions. Just leave it. Do not answer the buyer, just let it go.

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I agree with the others here. Do not put more fire to the concern at hand. You will be able to recover from that 4.7. =)

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Thank you for your suggestions guys. I do not intend to respond to the buyer. I know it will just make things worse as you said. Though considering the buyer used the word “4 start,” isnt it possible that triggered the system automatically?

You’re worried about a 4.7 rating?

What if the Buyer had NOT left you a rating at all?

I’d be happy with the 4.7.


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No no I never said I was worried about the rating. My question was based on the buyer mentioning the rating in our inbox, which may lead to a warning, because the system gets triggered when certain words are used. So I was asking whether it be an issue because I would not want Fiverr to think that I am complaining to the buyer

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I can’t find exactly what you said in the reply to the buyer’s review which prompted this response from the buyer.

Maybe for future reference temper your reply and don’t mention ratings.

Not everyone will leave a 5 star review even when they are happy with their order.

You can use this: if you wish.


I recently got 4 ( some do not understand how bad 4.7is and what it actually means - that you got 4 something, so 4.0) and it was totally clients mistake.

He contacted me and apologized and told me he will contact customer support to try to correct it.

I said “Please review your delivery and if you need more assistance let me know. Thank you.” So I completely deviated from the review subject.

You should do the same.

And it is good thing you clarified in your response what happened.

This will hurt you and you will get less orders for some time, but it will be OK. Just be persistent.

Also in my feedback I do not mention his rating I exclusively focused on fact that he specified one thing in order brief but was surprised when delivery included exactly that.


Thank you everyone, I really appreciate your help!


My first buyer exactly did the same.

Question the decision like “What could I have done to improve my services” but 4.7 is still very good and don’t risk a warning just for 0.3 of a star

Just leave this thing it just a bad luck work hard

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