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I don't want to leave a 5$ tip on a 5$ job


How can I leave a 1$ or 2$ tip?


You cannot. Tips start at $5


Hmmm, someone hasn’t read the TOS yet.

            OK, thank you  


Why so miser? Just give it or if you dont want to give a $5 tip, just dont give tip at all. Simple


Sounds a bit like a bait and switch, but reverse, doesn’t it?


I think 1 or 2 dollars is better than no dollars. A 20% tip is appropriate in my country. A 100% tip would not be.


You’re paying for professional services at hugely discounted (or bait and switched) prices here. Personally, I wouldn’t want a dollar or two of your change, as I would think you need it more. Much the same in service industries in many countries where people woefully undertip, the server might just give the tip back–a return insult, I guess you might call it?

Apples and oranges.


So have you ever given it a single thought, what would be left after the 20% cutoff. [quote=“qqtpie, post:7, topic:112358”]
I think 1 or 2 dollars is better than no dollars.

No its not. Just don’t give a tip at all. Tips are to encourage sellers and a way to tell them, they have done more than what was expected. In short, a way to appreciate them. So if this is your way of appreciation, then no need of it. :rolling_eyes:


DANG! Nailed it.


By western standards that $1 tip could be seen as an insult.


I think it would be an insult any where. Who give $1 tip in this era.


Taking the time to leave a thoughtful review is better than a $1-2 tip so do that instead.
90% of the gigs on Fiverr involve you paying for the seller’s time so giving a little of your time to leave a thoughtful and detailed review means a lot.
You could also share the seller’s gig on your social media account or give them credit for it wherever you use it. Again, much more valuable than a small tip. Technically $1 is better than $0 but in reality, how would you feel if someone said thanks, you did a great job and handed you 65 cents.

Remember also that for a $5 gig, a seller earns $4 minus taxes and other things so $3.20 is more accurate. Now consider their time that you have taken in messages and revisions which are not accounted for in the gig price. Suddenly, a $5 tip does not seem so unreasonable. A $5 order takes more time than it is worth for me and I think most sellers and that’s why I will always tip $5 at least every second order I place with a seller.


I often get $10 and $15 tips from regulars, even if the original price was only $10 or $15 in the first place. Personally, I think these tips are more than generous. However, as Miss Crystal has already said, I would actually find a $1 or $2 tip an insult. In this case, it’s probably best not to leave anything but a glowing review which will do more good for your seller in the long term than the 80 cents left from a $1 tip.


There are two options:

  1. Just appreciate him in polite words, it will be more than tip… After all, an artist needs appreciation more than 1 or 2 bucks…

  2. In your next purchase from same seller if any, ask him to write a Custom order of $7


Tip before work is done. :rolling_eyes:


Do you guys encourage tips, or do they just tip you?


I’ve never asked for one.
However, I’m considering setting up a tip jar, some artsy just-for-fun gig.


I have a tip GIG, not too much success. I feel if I pushed them saying “tips are greatly appreciated” they might feel turned off.


@saddu_writer you misunderstood lol, I meant TIP for the work that is already done to the same seller in next order :slight_smile: just a suggestion it might not be the best one though…