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I doubled my business and I don't know why

I’ve never been one to spend a billion hours trying to maximize every speck of my Gigs. I was making $200-$300 most months and I was cool with that. Then in July it jumped to $552 and I just hit $554 in August with a chance to hit $600 if a couple jobs get marked as complete before the three days it up.

As you may have gathered from the subject line of this here post, I don’t know what caused the jump and I’d like to because I’ll be having some extra expenses coming up and I’d like to be prepared.

The following things happened at around the same time in June.

  1. I added several more gigs.
  2. I hit 500 reviews.
  3. I passed the one year anniversary of my last negative review.

Do any of these have anything to do with anything that would get my gigs in front of more eyeballs or result in more conversions?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go read all the other advice around these here parts.


The results are great and sound cool.

Keep making good reviews will make your service more in demand