Fiverr Forum

I doubt any buyer's are present on the forum who could check out our advertisements here!


People just try to post their links in ‘my fiverr gigs’ to advertise their gigs but I doubt that those new topics are ever visited by buyers. Buyers are busy on fiverr and must not be even visiting forum by luck. What’s the point in we advertising here??


Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are quite a few buyers who regularly visit the forum.


And I even got some buyers from this forum. They were looking for services and created a topic so yeah they are active on the forum, not all but some.


Problem is that the forum is full of spammers like “order me now”, “I’m new here please order” or “this is my new gig order now”.
I found few client on the forum and I know there are buyers around so there is a way to get some attention here and maybe some order.