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I down my response rate from 100% to 80%

i try my best to response in time. but one reply i could not submitted in time due to lack of knowledge.
anyone offer an order.but i was not able to do that
so i keep silence. cos i think if i reply then i will have to accept or reject and in case of reject, it will effect my profile
later i seen my response time down form 100% to 80% and average time from 1 hour to 5 hours

anyone tell me how to make it correct. please suggest me . thanks


In order to maintain a 100% response stat you need to respond to all first messages from a person within 24 hours. Obviously the quicker you respond, then the lower your response time. Fiverr averages your response times.

If you don’t respond within 24 hours, then this will affect your response stat.

For example, let’s say you had five messages. You respond to four messages inside 24 hours, but the fifth message you ignore or respond after 30 hours - your response stat will then become 80%.

In order to increase your response stat simply respond to all first messages from a buyer within 24 hours - Fiverr reevaluates your response times every 60 days.


THANK U very much. so nice of u

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what is best way to do it better which already get down

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@tanveer1975. dont lost hope.
@tanveer1975 be online most of time. try to reply ever single message.
it will be better soon

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Really a good feeling this is.

how good feelings ??

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