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I will draw you a KICKASS CARICATURE for

Just post in this thread a photo of you or the person you want me to draw (it can be anyone: you, your fiancee, or even your favorite actor!).

Every day I will pick someone at random and draw his/her caricature!

Let’s start!

Prefer to order a caricature for just $5 instead and be sure that you'll get it? Here's my gig!

Well, nobody joined last night… so if one single person would have joined, he/she would have won instantly. Err…

You still have time to join. Just post a photo here (of you or someone else, it doesn’t matter)! At the end of the day I’m going to use to pick a winner… the ones who didn’t win will still be able to win tomorrow without having to post again. :slight_smile:

Join now!

Here you go :slight_smile: I’m curious how your drawings look like!

Reply to @robiman3: Hi!

It seems like you are the only one interested, so I’ll get your caricature done today and post it here! Thanks. :slight_smile: I wish more people would have joined, though.

WHILE I’M DRAWING ROBIMAN3’s CARICATURE, YOU CAN POST REQUESTS FOR TOMORROW! Post here your pic and I might draw you tomorrow!

Reply to @getaportrait: Thank you! Can’t wait to see your skills. I bet more people will join soon!

Btw, if you need any translation just drop a PM and we’ll work out something.


Hi and welcome.

Please advise your participants that to upload an image to the forum the dimensions are 670 (width) x 315(height) pixels.

Reply to @robiman3:

Sheriff’s Note: If you want to upload an image to the forum the dimensions are 670 (width) x 315 (height) pixels

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Sorry for that. I wasn’t fully aware of the dimensions required to post on the forum. next time I will resize them or send them as .rar files

Reply to @robiman3:


hey @getaportrait, how is the drawing going? :slight_smile:

robiman3 said: hey @getaportrait, how is the drawing going?

Good question.

Hi there @getaportrait , no more drawing ? :frowning: