I draw. How can I get collected?


My main gig is for digital drawing. I used to get more attention for it, but lately I haven’t gotten any orders. I’ve been getting really really positive reviews from happy customers, but at some point in time it just faded out and now I barely get noticed. As I’ve seen around here, a really important thing is to get into collections.

This is my gig: http://fiverr.com/andreiterbea/draw-you-as-a-cartoon-character

I think it’s a really good one and I’m offering something quite unique. Not that there aren’t any other cartoonists and such out here, but not with my style. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I feel like I deserve more notice. So my question is, how can I boost my gig and get into collections?

Sorry if I’m sounding vain or anything, I’m quite new here and I’m still learning how things go.


~Andrei :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr and we are glad you are here. You will find many helpful people here so keep posting!


You get collected by doing a lot of promotion and making a lot of friends.

I recommend collecting other people as in a like for like style.

Your gig is cool and I see we are neighbours!! We may be popping over to Denmark soon.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thank you! :smiley: And sorry for my ignorance, but what exactly is LP? :slight_smile:

Reply to @oranjewebdesign: What do you mean, neighbours?


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Aah, not it makes more sense :smiley: But I haven’t done anything to it. It just shows every gig that I finished. But yeah, I put all my best effort into every gig. Thanks :slight_smile:


A couple of people on fiver advertise for fiver gigs, might be worth doing that too!


@roxzee: You mean paid advertising? I don’t think I would do that. At least not at this point, when I don’t really have a full grip on my “business” here. :slight_smile:


Looks good Andreiterbea, maybe you can do one of Oranjegirl and we will put you in our collection :wink: