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I earned $1182 from july 27 - september 7. How?

Same as usual.

Most new sellers will go here in forum to ask how will i get my first buyer.

so here are my tips:

  1. Are you lazy? If yes. Sorry, Fiverr is not for you.

  2. Are you lazy? Never post : How will i get my first buyer? This was posted since Jurassic years ago. and answered since B.c.

  3. Are you lazy? Be true, be honest, be polite, be fast on delivery, etc. never delay! Talk much with customers.

  4. Are you lazy? Don’t you try copying others work or portfolios. You may earn a little but never will succeed.

    Read threads, search. Have a great portfolio.

    Sorry that i can’t express well and my English is bad. All I want to say is that Focus on your business! Don’t be lazy! Work now and earn more!

    Thank you!