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I earned Around 450+ In My first 2 month | I feel Lucky...Thanks to GOD |

It was great start in fiverr. Thanks to God. But still facing Few issue…As i am Not expert i am facing a lot of new things everyday.

Day by day, I am facing scammer and Cheater Buyer. I dont know how people get stable buyer? I didn’t get it yet.

Pray for Me…Hope To stay here for a long time.Withdraw done for First month…Hope to get again for Second month.



And Yet i forgot to share that…

I have started my fiverr account for second time.

When i started for first time…I waited for 70 days without any order…And i thought it was impossible for me…But Faith and Patience…Always Works


Please I need more advise on how you achieve that. Yes, I know you are still learning but the little you know, kindly teach me. I really wanna earn money with fiverr. Thanks!


How can i help you? Let me know your question

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I mean, I wanna know how you promote your gigs to attract customers. Thanks!

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Basically…There is No Concrete Rules…You can do social media marketing in LinkDN or Instagram.

I got most of My Order from Buyer Request…

Now question would be “I dont get Buyer Messages from that”

So am I. I dont get all the Reply…But One tips…Give Offer little less money to the client according to buyer Requirement.

And Prove that you can do the work.

Probably you will get that order…

My first order was from Buyer Request…

And Most of them are from Buyer request and only a few from Direct messages…


Okay! Thanks. I so much appreciate it.

Try to Use Bold Italic in your GIG description.

And Use All the GIG platform…like make 5 gig…it will be more usefull…


Okay… Thanks, that’s another point.