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I earned only a small portion of the agreed amount

Hello, please I need help or just information if anyone had an experience like me. I finished and delivered the order.
Probably the problem arose due to our lack of understanding of how to change the order during the existing one. More precisely, since the client asked for a few more elements to add and agreed to increase the price from for example 150$ by + 30 and to extend the deadline by three days. Now that the delivery is complete and the client has checked in as if it is complete, I see that I only earned 24, instead of 180 (-20% of the Fiverr). The client is very upset because he says that he did not receive the file properly, and all the money (180) was taken from him…

To summarize, the delivery was submitted, for example, 180 was downloaded from the client, I only earned 24, and I would need $ 180 (-20%), he can’t download the files, I don’t know how.
Please help me.

Thank you very much!


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