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I earned over $2000 IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS.. This is how

Hello guys,

Once I reached the $1.5K milestone, I have shared it with you guys and gals and the feedback was phenomenal. Apart from all the support I have gotten, there were people who got motivated because they have seen that its possible to earn money on Fiverr.

Let me tell you how I earned my $2.5K. I am not saying that this is the best way to make money, because there are guys who have earned like 50K in less than a year. But take into consideration that I have a full time job, I have two webshops, and I am a crypto miner, its not like im focusing 100% of my time to fiverr.
I am a very skilled (Certified) Graphics and Motion Graphics editor, so it does not take me quite long to finish a project, especially projects within photoshop or Illustrator. They take up to a few hours to complete. So I can Focus on my side projects. If I dedicated myself to Fiverr fulltime, I would be dominating this " game " hehe. :slight_smile:

This is how I have gotten some traffic towards my Fiverr profile without ANY investments.

Most people/ companies, make a fiverr account and than they invest like 100-200$ in promotions and than start making money. Ok, but how about those of us who do not want to invest money, or simply do not have any extra money to throw on promotions and HOPE that the promotions work out.

Well as you can see on my screenshot, I have made my fiverr account a year ago, and almost no profits up until July. Why?

This is why :slight_smile:
I have decided to use social media to my advantage. I have made social media pages, and I have also used the ones I already have, and I started sharing my gigs. But in a professional and normal way. I did not go around and BEG people to click the link in my comment, or harass them to order from me. No. I have simply started uploading some of my work, and writing down in the caption what I can do, and IF anybody needs a professional designer, feel free to contact me. I am at your disposal.

That way the people following you, they see that you are offering them services, not desperately begging to get an order. If you come off as a normal person, offering services for things that you can do good, most people will give you a chance, especially if you have some content to back up your words.

I like making people happy, and thats why I always give the people who order with me something extra. Be it an extra picture - silhouette, project, source file, promotions on my social media…What ever I have at that point to give them as an extra. That way I provide my customers with a very present surprise, and I make the happy AND satisfied.

I try to mix emotions with work, and whenever I do anything for anyone, I ask myself what would I like to get out of this project.

Be a kind outgoing person, and feel free to provide your customers with more than they ordered for. That way, you will build up a great relationship with your buyers which will create ongoing projects for you.

At the end of the day, you are not loosing anything if you give more, so why not give a bit of happiness with your project :wink:

My name is YoHProgrammer, and you can find me at:

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year :smiley:

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Awesome. Congratulations @yohprogrammer

As contact details outside of Fiverr are against the rules you just need to remove your social media link. Congratulations and good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well I didnt offer any services outside of fiverr, or any services at all for that matter. I just said you guys can find me at :smiley:
To socialise not do work hehe :smiley:

Awesome,congrats on your success.

Awesome congrats on you success really you are a busniesman to do work very good position