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I Earned the title of Level One Seller today: Any Difference?

Hello Community,

I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal at all. Especially since this forum is full of respected Level 2 and Top Rated sellers. However, even after knowing this perspective I am very happy and excited to “level up”! I never posted anything like “How to Improve/rate my gigs” before, but I would like to know from those who are Level One or above if I will be able to notice any difference.

Of course, I am aware that it depends on x, y, and z, but in the most general terms possible as a seller, would I be able to notice anything different overall once the feelings of excitement wear off? Thank you guys for being so supportive! Especially the graphic design communities! :star:


Well done. You’ll probably find that you receive fewer approaches from scammer territory buyers. For me, that’s the most important aspect of levelling up. The scammers tend to target inexperienced sellers, some of whom are willing to do anything to get an order.

Being a level 1 seller means that potential buyers can automatically assume that you offer a good service. Therefore they’re even more likely to buy from you.

You might also want to take this opportunity to review your prices, or at least what you offer for your existing price. A lot of new sellers tend to promise the world for $5. In other words they offer a lot of value for a small fee.


Congratulations! Even I just leveled up and it’s a great feeling. I obviously can’t give you any insights since I’m in the same boat, but good luck for the future!

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Thank you for your helpful advice! Yes, I did notice the amount of scam messages I have received since I started selling on Fiverr. In fact, my first message EVER was from a scammer :sob: I was so excited to receive a message only to be met with a scam text. I thought everyone experienced it equally, but now I understand that I was targeted for being seen as inexperienced or a “newbie”. Have a great day!


Congratulation :heart_eyes:

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Congrats drunqualified. Keep the wheels turning…

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