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I edit my gig and lost 50% impresions

About 15 days ago, It was going well and my impression was 12k I was the rank first page of one keyword and 5th page of another keyword. My niche is to resume writing and LinkedIn profile writing. After change changing compete for description( write it to another way) my impression began to fall. From 12k to 10 k. Again I edit it and slightly change the tags, not working and reached 8K. I edited 3rd time and try to write it in previous way but impression are still falling day by day. Now I am about 6k. please suggest me what should I do for increasing impressions?


There is nothing that you can do to increase, or control the impressions you receive. Impressions are registered when OTHER PEOPLE search for your gig. If your gig shows up in THEIR SEARCH RESULTS, you’ll be given one impression. Impressions rise and fall over time. Sometimes you’ll have a lot of impressions, other times you’ll have only a few. It is best to not worry too much about impressions, and just focus on being a great seller for the buyers that do choose to hire you.


When you edit your gigs they take from 24 to 48 hour to appear again on search results.

Because your gigs doesn’t sleep !


wait what do you mean

It happens …Just look that you are receiving a good number of orders .

When you’re sleeping, your gig is still visible to buyers so there’s no reason you’re views will decline while your sleeping

Thank you so much for your guidance.

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So you edit your gig, it goes from 12k to 10k and you edit a second time. It goes to 8k and you decide a good idea is to edit again?

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A seller should edit his/her gig whenever it needs to be edited, regardless of impressions. An up-to-date gig is ideal for driving sales.

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I have experience the same:unamused::unamused::unamused:

I am frustrating now, It reached to 4k now. zero organic sale. no sale in this month. Please suggests me what should i do to get my ranking

There’s not much you can do. It doesn’t seem to be something you did. More like something changed in Fiverr’s algorithm. You can wait and see if it changes or contact them and ask them if something changed. Other than that, you can only speculate and try things, but going for luck, not fixes.