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I edit my gigs and its goes down now


My gig is performing so well. and i am getting a lot of revenue . but one day i edit my that gig and till now its dead and not getting any single message on their
i cannot understand fiverr that logic


This happened to me once. Consider it an education in perfecting your gig. If what you were doing before was driving more business - you may want to return to what worked. For me it took a while to find a pricing range that maximized my time and traffic.


i changed price of gig that time but then after 3 to 4 days i reset it to back… but almost 10 to 15 days passed and still its dead


Yes, I have the same problem.


Have you watched your impressions under My Gigs? Fiverr won’t let you go fast too quickly - they seem to “test” you and give you work slowly. At first I only got work at the end of a month - and as I provided good service that expanded each month. It could be you just need to be patient. Fiverr is AWESOME… but you won’t grow super fast.


Thank you, …


Once you have edited your gig, the search engine will reset your gig as well.
Sometimes editing your gig only effects it’s ranking.

Be forewarned and only update your gig for the better.

If you are not getting views, update it and wait several days to see the results. Try doing this until you find the perfect sales channel!

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yes almost 15 days passed and now i am seeing some improvement in impression . before edit my impressions goes to 35k then goes down and down to 14k but now they are pulling up and now they are 15k