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I edited my GIG and It is now denied...I want my gig back , can someone suggest me?

I edited my GIG and It is now denied…I want my gig back, can someone suggest to me how will I get it back? As it is the main gig of my account I will suffer a lot for this. I have a lot of reviews on that gig and It appeared live in gig categories. What should I do now? Is there anything Fiverr support team can help me solving this issue?


Well, let’s start with what you were offering and what was the reason for your gig to be denied (fiver sent you a message why)?


Actually I changed the primary image and gig description, I want to go to the previous mode but there is no more option it is totally denied from Fiverr. I talked with support team but no response.It’s been a month already.

You still didn’t answer any of my questions. :woman_shrugging:
This were my questions :point_down:

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Nothing I just change the primary image

@anjelarobi I edit lots of time my gig. changes the primary image and lots of content. it’s totally ok to edit anything in the gig. but your gig denied maybe you change something wrong.
now you contact support center and wait

If your gig was denied you will normally be notified as to the reason why.

That’s seriously not what I’m asking.

What services you were offering? What reason for gig to be denied was in the message that fiverr sent to you?

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Thank you so much for your tips

Its like talking a brick wall. Clearly she knows what she did wrong. At least you tried to help her


You have already talked to support. You said it yourself.

This is forum, not support. It’s sellers and buyers here, not Fiverr staff.

And @mariashtelle1 asked you a question which you refused to answer. That tells me you know your gig was breaking the rules, but don’t want to admit it. You just want your gig to magically appears again.


you try to ask in fiverr support

Was the gig that was denied the “I will make white background by clipping path professionally” one?
Was the reason it was denied due to the new image - did it say something like “not an original image or design”?

Was the replacement image one that was already on the web (eg. could be found with Google image search)?

you should try to contact them.