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I edited my gig and then

After a few months when I’m getting back my level one seller badge, I think that I need to edit my gig first to get the order like before. and Then after edited all the gig I really don’t see any gig of mine in the Fiverr search results after 24 hours. Also, my buyer request area didn’t change as well. It’s continuously showing the same buyer same request. What can I do?

Thanks in advance

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I’d wait for another day and see if it gig returns to the Fiverr search cuz on rare occasions, I think it can even take up to 2 days. Even then, if you are sure that your gig hasn’t returned to the search, you could contact CS here.

If you decide on contacting them, you could also let them know about your BR situation.

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I will do. One more questions I have, Why same buyer request and same buyer list showing in my buyer request area?

Now it may became looks good!

If you dont find your gig contect with fiverr support
good luck

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