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I Edited My Gig & Now It's Gone

After 2 years, I finally decided it was time to edit my main gig again and readjust my prices, add a better description and put a better picture. Naturally, the end goal was to improve performance and try to fight the drought brought on by this horrendous pandemic.

Things really didn’t pan out as I expected. Instead of anything positive happening, my gig got absolutely demolished in search and has become pretty much impossible to find. My daily clicks went from 40+ to just 7 and I haven’t been contacted by any client in over 3 days. Not even those annoying spam messages.

The 4 orders in my queue are either from off-site clients, I bring to Fiverr or return clients. Gotta hand it to Fiverr to kick a guy when he’s already down.

Take this as a lesson and never EVER edit your gigs unless you want to throw away everything you spent 4 years of your life trying to build up. And this all during COVID-19 so I can’t even go back to a on-site job even if I wanted.

I’ve already reached out to support and they’ve pretty much told me that I’m screwed. I honestly have no idea what to do at this point.

The GIG:

My Stats:

And All 5 Star Profile:


How long ago did you edit it? And do you know what page it’s on?

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Edited it 3 days ago and I can only find it by selecting “only online” and even then it’s on like the 10th page (the last page) surrounded by abandoned gigs or gigs with no reviews.

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You have changed your gig title too, if you change the gig title, your gig link will be still the previous one.
When you do changes in your gig, it will takes a few days to comeback.

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I think it depends on the sections you are changing on your gig. Sometimes when I Edit my gigs it’s taken out for some time and sometimes it doesn’t even affect positioning.


No, I haven’t. The gig title is exactly what it was 4 years ago.

And no, that’s not how that works. Please don’t spread misinformation.


Maybe, I went ahead and added some new pics, touched up the description and adjusted the prices for whatever good that’s gonna do me now.


That is true. It’s not misinformation :woman_shrugging: Your gig URL will always stay as you originally wrote your gig title and wouldn’t be changing if you edit your title later on.


I had changed my gig images and my gig was on last page for a month, now it is back on first page.


What did you name your images? Are they the same as the title?

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I hope that’s the case.

In that case, it’s my bad. I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

No, I named the images “Amazon Listing” since that’s the main keyword I’m targeting.


First, stop panicking.

I revamped all my gigs last year bar 1. Most of them completely disappeared from the search as soon as I did. One (my now best selling), took over a week to reappear and start getting leads. During the time it was out, I was beyond panicking. I think I even questioned here on the forum whether changing the SEO settings of a gig was even possible.

I know it is hard (I have no plans to change my gigs again for at least 2-years). However, bare with things. Remember that you haven’t just edited your gigs. You have edited them during a worldwide order slump, just as lots of other sellers and new sellers are editing theirs.

If after 10-days, everything still seems dead, hit me up and I’ll create your gig on my profile and outsource orders to you. (I’ve always had eyes on your Amazon gig, but was never 100% sure I could do it better than you. :slight_smile: ).

I doubt it would ever come to all that. You are a talented guy with fantastic reviews. Just stick with things for now and see what happens over the next 2 to 10 days. If nothing changes, then come back and panic.


Is that you? He’s nice looking but looks a little bit mean. His expression. I don’t know how much that matters, just something I noticed.

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Yes, his photo is not looking professional on his gig image.

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Most of the others on the first page look smiling.


I’m not a person known for either looking good or smiling much. That was the result of I kid you not 20 takes. The people called me their worst client to date. Don’t get me wrong, they took me for drinks later and all to cheer me up.

As always, you’re an absolute sweet heart. This does put my mind at ease a bit. I guess I’ll wait a month and then go into full panic mode. At least for now, I have some return clients that’ll be coming back soon.


Neither was Batman! - At least that’s my excuse.


Edit: Not that I’m saying you are not good looking. - Or not Batman. That’s a great suit and determined "I can be Imran Khan" picture of you. However, I think you would do better with this pic on a colored background. - Possibly dark with the text explaining your gig being bright and standy out. (Me saying ‘standy out’ being my way of saying I’m not a graphic designer and have no idea how you would do that.)


17 on the first page were smiling and 3 were not but they were small pictures.

No idea if that matters. I hope you let us know if this picks up for you. When I changed a picture on a gig it took a couple of weeks before it started selling again.


This is how I legitimately look when i do a proper smile.


Trust me, that pic is as good as it can possibly get without Hollywood levels of refining.


The EXACT same thing has just happened to me. Had my gig for a year, 600+ reviews on it, and it no longer appears in search. CS are of no help. Hopefully it will rebound sometime soon and fix itself, luckily I have enough work now to cover for a while.