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I expand dropbox accounts


My Offer to you:

I’ll help you invite up to 32 people for 16GB of extra Dropbox storage space, to a total of 23GB guaranteed within 24 hours! Ever heard of Dropbox? It’s a popular cloud storage provider, a free service that lets you take your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. It has gained popularity over the years it has been around thanks to its elegance, invisibility and fantastic API. The only pitfall to their service is that they only provide 2gb of free space to users. To get more space, users have to spend crazy amounts. Sure, $9.99 a month for 100gb is great, but what if I don t need 100gb? What if I don t have $100 just lying around to throw at my computer?

The Details:

An account starts at 2GB; 2GB base space + 16GB referrals +5 we do= 23GB. Every referral earns 500MB, and I can assure you that all of them will accept within 24 hours.

if have any problem with dropbox we reorder for free


Dear Topvcc

I want to top up the current size of 48 GB of my dropbox account to 100 GB +. Please tell how much should I pay you via PayPal? My email address is: