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I FAail in fiverr test and for that i could not publish my gig

I FAail in fiverr test and for that i could not publish my gig and it shows that I should wait 91 days for give exam,now what I do


Please anyine give my answer

That test is there for a reason, so that Fiverr can maintain a small control over the quality of services offered.

If you failed the test, then there’s nothing you can do but wait and take it again.

In the meantime work on your skills and figure out where you went wrong if possible.


But I am a seo expert but in test fiverr give me all english question in test & they don’t gave a single question about Seo ,IT is FAir

Looks like there’s a language barrier.

Fiverr is a platform that mandates communication in English.

It’s a prerequisite.

So you need to improve on your English.

You have 90 days to do so.


All Fiverr sellers must be able to communicate in English.

On your profile, you claim to be fluent in English, and yet you couldn’t even pass the basic test? Perhaps you should work on your English during the next 90 days, and then try again.


It doesn’t matter if you think it isn’t fair. I personally think this test should be made mandatory for every seller because I’ve seen way too many sellers having poor English on Fiverr and, unless you communicate in another language with your buyer who happens to speak your mother tongue, this will create miscommunication that may lead to cancellation and an overall bad service and experience.

To think that only people who provide writing-related gigs have to take this test befuddled me sometimes - it is too simple for the qualification expected for, say, a content writer or proofreader.


believe me, communication skills is very important here on Fiverr. just relax and enjoy the journey, upgrade your english communication skills

There isn’t any SEO test any more on Fiverr. They removed it. It might be worth checking the subcategory of the gig though. Or maybe that English test is needed in many subcategories.

It told you what to do. Wait 91 days.

And if you aren’t proficient in the thing you want to sell, become proficient.

Of course it is fair.

You failed a test for a reason - yours skills weren’t adequate.

The tests are not only in place to enable sellers to demonstrate their skills - but also to protect buyers from incompetent sellers.

As a buyer, I don’t want to be dealing with anyone who either can’t communicate effectively in English, the chosen language of the marketplace, or who doesn’t have the required skills to successfully complete a task.

What happens if I buy a gig from you, and you can’t understand my instructions or you don’t have the required skills? I’d be really annoyed and I’d leave poor feedback.

Brush up on your skills and wait 3 months for another opportunity to take the test.


I really don’t understand why so many sellers feel entitled to inconvenience buyers with poor communication. That they should pass tests regardless of skill and then mislead buyers into thinking they have that skill.

A lot of sellers think Fiverr owes it to them to let them mislead buyers.

And I dont understand why they think any buyer would hire someone who isn’t proficient and can’t communicate properly.