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I face some problem in fiverr. Please help me?


Hi, I’m new in fiverr. Today i see all of my my gig down. I face some problem in fiverr. So please tell me what can i do???


well for starters I would delete the video gigs.

We all know you did not make those animations and those are templates.

In fact, you got them at the very same place every one of the 889 sellers who sell the exact same videos did.

So, maybe people are actually realizing your videos are fake, not owned by you, and you immediately lose credibility with potential buyers?

And as far as the photoshop gigs go, it’s a really tough category. Like every day dozens new sellers come here and offer that, and if you notice, they all start offering the same for less and with a faster turn around time.

It’s ridiculous how saturated that market is.

So I’m guessing you have pirated versions of the adobe software, found a forum post somewhere with a guy telling you he made $12.000 last year from video intros and background removals and you thought you’d do the same.

Well, tough news: this is a highly competitive marketplace. Partly because thousands of people have the same resources as you.

My suggestion:
Start working on your craft and get some real world skills. Get better at something and start selling that.


You nailed it bro, well said. Two thumbs up :grimacing::grimacing: