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I faced a Bad Buyer

My Buyer give me 4 stars .I asked him why he gave me that rating .He told me that sorry bro , i click 5 star but it appear 4 star… how to change it.I send him a screenshot 'how to change ratings. After he gave me 1 star. lol.

Wow, that sucks. Sorry man.

“I am really unhappy with you” You are not likely to get a positive response with that kind of statement.

Reply to @dimana_att: I submit a ticket but fiverr stuffs are not response yet.


You don’t tell someone “I am unhappy with you.” That is terrible.

I feel for you :frowning: But you’re in your right to contact Customer Support. Send the photo to them as evidence and ask them to remove the feedback.

“I am unhappy with you” seems to just be a minor language issue. The buyer doesn’t have flawless English usage either, so it’s safe to assume they were not particularly offended by it.

In the future, @jowelr, a better reply would be “I would be very happy if you could give me 5 stars. If there is something I can do to earn 5 stars, please let me know.”

Changing from 4 stars to 1 star tells me that the buyer was particularly offended…by something.

When I click the deliver of the item, I always ask them to NOT to forgive to give me a rating and comment of my workd done and I have gotten excellant and great work but one guy who was a week late with paying me, after my product was done, got upset that I gave him a bad review and also he was cheap with wanting to pay me another 5.00 for an extra 800 words and so I gave it to him as a FREE gift, as he was a repeat customer but then I also had a hard time getting this guy, last time he wanted me to modify the word and didn’t tell me how many words PRIOR and I told him that he could do it or give me another 55.00 to modify, as it was creative writing and his english wasn’t that good, so he didn’t understand WHY I would get paid a week later when he didn’t pay me on TIME ?? I repeated it to him 3 TIMES and then I just cancelled the message as he just gave me a satisfactory because I was upset that he had LIED to me and told mte that he wanted a couple of days to look it over the weekend and he said that he would pay me on Monday and his excuse was that he was busy, I told him, that when the product is done he is to pay me then not wait a WEEK ? lol because then instead of waiting 2 weeks, I would have to wait 3 WEEKS and he just could not understand that !

Reply to @ricksper: Well, maybe, but he implied that the 4 star was a mistake, so maybe he mistaked extra the second time. :wink: