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I feel a scathing review coming

I include one revision and require upgrading for certain types of drawings. It’s laid out clearly. For 5.00 I just don’t do more then one idea with a minimal drawing. Even a 25.00 logo is a steal in the “real” world, IMO… especially if you’re not using the 10000 templates I see.

I hate that even though it asks me how many revisions I include, it still allows buyers to ask over and over. What is the point of that?

I also hate that buyers assume I can pull something off someone else’s work and use it.

Luckily most buyers are awesome. It is just a few that leaves me upset…

My last scathing review called me a “scammer”–for delivering exactly what I offered at $5 instead of what I offer at $75–big difference. I got it deleted because it was a misleading, rude review. Also, the buyer was a moron–didn’t read any of my follow-up messages, my offers, nothing. They scammed themselves out of that $5–what, I was going to get a ‘late delivery’ nastygram or a non mutual canceled agreement because of this chump?

No thanks, you, dear bad buyer, can pony up your $5 and think harder next time you order someone’s time without reading their offer.

Buyer like this deserve what they get. Just ensure that you remain professional and stand your ground at all times, even when they’re non-responsive. It counts for a lot when CS are judging a case.

Customer service told me it would not be deleted without the buyers permission. Luckily it’s just the one star and “unsatisfactory” comment. I just kept reminding this one he could upgrade, accept the delivery or I’d be happy to cancel. He rathered the one star… but whatever. It’s been on of those weeks.