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I feel as though the content I deliver is very high quality

But I still have no takers? I think the descriptions I have are pretty quality too.
I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers?


Yep, I agree - the work you do looks great and there is nothing specifically wrong with your description.

However the key thing to consider when creating gigs is - who is going to buy this?
If your answer is “everyone” or “everyone who wants my service” then you need to find a way to tell people about it away from the gig. The reason is that there is huge competition for “illustrations”. If you choose to create gigs which are aimed towards people looking for specific things, you are likely to get less impressions but a better conversion/order rate. For example:
“I will draw a low poly/flat animal illustration for you”
“I will draw your profile picture as a low poly/flat illustration” etc.

Similarly, your gig tags are not words that the average buyer would use when looking for your service. I love the style you have but I would never use those tags in a search.


Have you tried to send offers to Buyer Requests?

Your profile shows your ‘last delivery’ as 7 months ago, which will keep many people from ordering, I think.
I ordered a gig from someone whose last delivery was 3 months ago and the gig run late.
Fiverr sent me a mail telling me they noticed the seller had not delivered even after the deadline and that they recommend to contact the seller. Which I did, but no response. I probably will skip sellers whose last delivery isn´t recent now, and I assume other buyers with similar experiences will too.

If you can get an order from BR, your profile will show a recent delivery, that should help quite a bit, also the ranking of your gig probably will improve.


I can not see any problem with your gigs .May be you just for now you need to focus on buyer request since you have not enough sell yet .I can see your last delivery time is 7 months ago which can be a reason that buyer think you are not regular at fiverr or you have late delivery issue ! Actuallly buyer always are looking for recently delivery order’s seller.

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You’re not really showcasing your logo design service. You’ve uploaded 2 logos, why? You could easily upload an image with 4x3 grid - 12 logos on 1 image.

Your price is too high for a beginner. I’m not saying that your logos aren’t worth it, it’s just that if you have free time then why not lower your price and get some reviews. You can increase your prices as you get more clients. A lot of us didn’t start at the price range we are today. I started at $5, but my 10th order went for $50. Today my service has slightly changed, but it took me months to get here and it will take me months to get where I want to be.

Start cheap prices then fly high :slight_smile:

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Ah, okay thank you so much. I’m never sure what other people would sure because well… I’m not another person you know? I’m me so it’s a lil nerve wracking to try and figure out what other people that are not designers would search for. Do you have any tips on that?

Again, thank you for your response.

What you deliver does appear to be of a high - quality. My only ‘gripe’ would be that, as a New Seller, your prices are quite restrictive. That’s the way it is; Fiverr’s buyers are often risk averse and you must prove to them that, for example, you can have a starting price of $10 - $25.

Many people will search for what they are looking to use the artwork for or what the image is.
For example, “animal illustrator”, “christmas card illustrator” etc.