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I feel cheated by fiverr, :-( Here's why

Should I say I am unfortunate to be a Nigerian?

As unfair as it sounds, that is how I feel.

I was asked to verify my fiverr account and it happens that the paper format of the national identification card is all I have, I have been expecting the plastic card version that is widely accepted but I still haven’t gotten it since the past 4 years or there about.

Now my seller account has been blocked and I cannot withdraw the little fund I’ve managed to earn over the time

I even had an active gig of 115 dollar with a client but he cancelled because I couldn’t deliver his work

I’ve contacted the fiverr support team about 2 times, they still haven’t answered me

I shouldn’t have to pay the price for my country’s incompetent system

A system that couldn’t provide ordinary plastic cards

Please at least let me withdraw the little I have earned even if i will not be able to continue working as a freelancer on fiverr, let me at least withdraw my money


I’m sorry to hear this, but we on the forums are only buyers and sellers like you. You will need to reach out to CS for help or to plead your case.


Sorry for your problem :disappointed::disappointed:. connect with fiverr support, they will help you.
If you have passport, you use it to verify your account.


its sad situation you have faced. you should contact fiverr suppoort for help. i hope they will guide you proper that what document you need for verification.
be positive and keep passion please.

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I’ve tried, they just won’t reply me

Don’t you have your PVC? It’s also a government issued I D card. Unless you’ve never cast a vote.

Thank you, I will try, just that they’re not replying me

I’ve never casted a vote before sir

Fiverr CS is overburdened currently, taking 10-15 days to get to some tickets.


That’s a shame, I wish something can be done to fasten the process

You’ve never got one? Or maybe a passport, driver’s license?

may be due to rush of people, they are over burdened. just wait for proper time. i hope any day your problem will be settled.
wish u good luck

As far as I heard regarding the ID verification. Fiverr gave options of IDs to be accepted. Passport, driver’s license and government issued ID.

So you must have one to verify your account and so many sellers contacted CS for this kinda situation and CS only tell them the same thing, to verify their account with any of the acceptable IDs.

Try to make one. As for your case. Getting a driver’s license might be easier and faster than the others like passports or national ID card.

Hello, Now am really scared, because i have exactly, this same Issue, i have contacted support, and here is the message i sent them, #copied.

Dear Fiverr,

thank you so much for providing this platform which has enabled individuals like me to be able to earn an income, I appreciate.

Recently I was asked to verify my identity, and I submitted my paper National ID card and took a selfie too, but this morning I got a notification that my verification failed because my credentials were not supported.

**Dear Fiverr, I want to let you know that in Nigeria, the Government has stopped printing and issuing plastic ID cards, this is because they have been planning to replace it with what they call “e-national ID” **

not only that, all who applied for their Plastic National ID card since 2015 are yet to receive it.

for verification on what I just said above, please kindly refer to this press release and also the official website of The Nigerian National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) AND

Dear Fiverr, with your request, I will provide my Original West African Certificate Examination Certificate, I will provide my stamped local Government of Origin, My birth Certificate, My petroleum Engineering Certificate, and any other thing that you may require. I do not own a car neither have I travelled out of Nigeria, so I don’t have a driving license nor a passport.

Dear Fiverr, please review my case, the situation in my country is tough and earning a living is really hard, please, I will do anything in power, to ensure I keep my Fiverr account alive while corporating with your requirements

Thank so reading through, I am looking forward to your response soon, Best wishes.

am crying to the community now give me a suggestion or anything else I could do while I await CS response, its not easy to earn a dime. Good people, please talk to me.


I hope your issue will be solved rather sooner than later. Perhaps you could try and get that NIMC to write to Fiverr on behalf of the affected Fiverr sellers from your country if they are the ones that cause this situation, for maybe a quicker reaction, interim solution, or something.


Lol, you just cracked a funny joke :joy: this government literally gives no shite about anybody and they pretty much do not care if their decisions affect anybody negatively or not.

The sad thing is if we go in mass to solicit for them to intervene and probably write to fiverr on our behalf, they will probably ask individual person to pay way more that we’ve worked for while on fiverr, the system is that bad around here

So I guess it’s up to fiverr to just do something to help us

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If that is so, maybe better try Fiverr’s Twitter, or a direct email if you have only tried via ticket so far but you might just have to “wait in line” like apparently most people have to at the moment. Best of luck in any case, it’s indeed an unlucky situation.

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Thank you so much Miila for your swift response and interest in my case, well i listened to your suggestion and i acted.

however, the Two Phone numbers provided by NIMC in their support page is unavailable, you can visit and dial the numbers for yourself.

but that not withstanding, i messaged them, through their official email address,
and i provided the paper ID card they gave, and added extra documents, like local Government of Origin, and West African Exam certificate. while calling on them for help. i do hope they respond.

I hope so too, and that it will lead to a good solution. I can imagine how nerve-wracking this situation is. :four_leaf_clover:

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I have almost same issue in our country (Bangladesh). I’m also scared of my verification in future.