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I feel Cheated

I was communicating with *************

She agreed to edit an essay and told me to share to send the contract. I trusted and shared. Not she says she doesn’t have time. How do I copyright it. What if she is using that to provide services to others.

This is a breach of trust

I would like advice on how to take action and what responsibility fiverr has to make this good

I feel cheated.


I’m not sure what you are worried about. Forget about it. She has no interest in it and it has no value to her.

If you want to be 100% sure that your essay is safe,
do it yourself or request a NDA disclosure agreement prior to sending any documents.

It is possible that she does not have time, but this does not have to be a fraud, rather sort of unprofessional behavior or just bad luck if she accepted your request to be made in a certain time.

It happens sometimes, I broke my elbow on snowboard with 15 active orders on Fiverr plus contracts outside of Fiverr. Only way was to apologize stating reason, turning my account to vacation mode and refund of those gigs which were not possible to be done in time with one hand.

You can ask for refund as well,
I bet she will rather return your money than to receive bad review.

Maybe she took a look at your essay and thought it needed too much editing for too little money and bailed? From my reading no money exchanged hands so this is a “buyer won’t do my work” whine. You haven’t been cheated of anything, and nobody is going to steal your essay. At most, it might end up on one of those essay databases for lazy plagiarizers who will get caught, but that’s a bit of a stretch. Move on and find someone else. Maybe send the next person a snippet of the essay rather than the whole thing?

NDAs are permitted on Fiverr (I queried CS about this some time ago–they said ultimately it was up to me, but for TOS reasons they would not recommend it), but what a load of fuss over nothing.

Why would it be unprofessional behavior if she wants to read it first before she takes the job? Seen the poor English of the OP I could totally understand that she liked to check it first and then friendly denied to work on it.

If the essay is written like this post even a thief wouldn’t want it and probably leave a note with some corrections.
Please don’t tell me that I’m mean. I already know that.