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I feel disapointed

Like days ago I had a voice over order, I did my best in it and worked so hard for it, after all that I even asked the buyer if they don’t like it I’d redo it with no problem, and in the end they didn’t even leave a feedback or ratewhile I’m new here and need those. I don’t get why some people are like this <_<


The buyer doesn’t owe you anything besides paying for the order. It is a privilege to receive a review, not a right.


Its Their decision and you should respect that, they are not bound to add reviews…
There are lots of buyers who dont want to leave reviews because they don’t wanna disclose that the work is done by outsource or some time they don’t get quality they expected and they dont wanna ruin seller’s profile by giving negative comments…
so always take it positive and dont expect them to leave reviews !


This is a business platform. It’s not a site for hobbyists.

I say that because some buyers simply want to order a gig, have it delivered and then end the working relationship. They don’t want to, or have time to, chat or leave feedback.

They’ve paid their money, and so long as you’ve delivered a decent job - that’s it. Finished.

While it probably feels personal to you, because you’ve invested time in the order - to the client it’s just another business transaction.

They can choose to leave a review. But they don’t have to.


I sometimes don’t leave reviews if I don’t want a seller showing up on my public “reviews as a buyer” history. It’s nothing against the seller, just a personal preference and prerogative. If I really like them and the work but don’t want to leave a review, I may leave a tip to show my appreciation, but the seller isn’t owed that either.

I understand your disappointment, but personally, I prefer no review over a bad one any day. Things can always be worse, so your goal should be a happy buyer, not a review-leaving one.


It might surprise you that some buyers see the review as a waste of time as it does not give them anything. So, they don’t really have that time to do that.

Don’t feel disappointed because review from a buyer is not a right but a privellege and a favour towards you by the buyer.

But, is not compulsory and not by force or do or die affair that they must rate you.

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Don’t advise anything that is likely to get a seller banned - asking for a review in any way at all is a breach of TOS and considered manipulating the review system.


Yes, I almost forgot this…

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I understand you feel disappointed because you need reviews to build up your reputation, and maybe you’re even taking it personally, but really, don’t worry about it.

Some buyers just want their work done and that’s it. We can’t force or manipultate them to leave a review and we just have to enjoy the earned money. It happened to me too, so I know how you feel. But, guess what: my buyer didn’t leave a review but he placed another order weeks later! This is more important, I guess, than one review. So, keep going :slight_smile: