I feel discriminated against


hi all,

My gig has been denied some hours ago after it created.

The moderator say that"my gig violate third-party service website".

So many sites same my gig but only my gig denied.

when I contact supporter, he say that “we finding them” and when I send to him the link to them, he say "we cant deny them in same time"

this is link to them:


I feel discriminated against


Yes, I constantly see people posting about this.

I’m sorry to hear that it happened to you.

Fiverr is trying to do that to every ‘new’ person creating the gig.

You are NOT the only one it has happened to.

Don’t worry, the other gigs will be deleted too. :slight_smile:


hi princemaxx,

Thank for reply.

the gigs same my gig have been created 3 and 4 months ago and now they’re still living but my gig denied after 9 hours exist.


Think of it like when a law changes.

The law changes, the new person who goes to “get a license” for that business is denied. It’s a much harder process to find all the ‘past’ businesses who were given licenses to do business.

While I will not “contradict” your feelings…

…my sense is this is not so much discrimination as it is an unfortunate timing. It was nothing about YOU that lead to this decisions. AND you’ve not been told …you cannot sell here… just that gig and gig idea wont’ fly.

Make another, make some money!


Reply to @stevenxeng: They will get deleted, don’t you worry about that.

I can assure you it’s nothing to do with discrimination


You’re not being discriminated. Fiverr is cracking down on gigs that violate third-party companies’ TOS. For instance, I offer testimonial writing. Someone order my gig last week. The buyer wanted me to write a review on Yelp. Shortly after, I got an account warning. Never had one before so I contacted support. They told me the buyer’s request violates Yelp’s TOS. I didn’t want to risk my status, so requested a cancellation. The buyer aborted it and asked me to write it elsewhere, I got another account warning (probably because the word “yelp” still existed from the initial message). I again requested cancellation explaining I didn’t want to risk it.

So, my gig wasn’t deleted, but if you or a buyer use certain terms or business names, fiverr will catch it now. So in other words, you can not offer reviews for companies like Yelp, Google Play Store, etc. It compromises the companies’ integrity. False reviews doesn’t help consumers. Its considered manipulating the system.

Of course their are ways to get around it, but I wouldn’t dare discuss it on Fiverr.