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I feel Fiverr hates me!

I’m very DISAPPOINTED about Fiverr support.
I had a technical problem, so that I asked a support on Fiverr.

Then, a Fiverr staff said that:
“Thanks for the information. I’m creating a technical ticket for our Fiverr Tech Team. They will review your support request ticket #XXX and work on resolving the issue for you, blah blah blah…”

After 10 DAYS, yes, after exact 10 days, there’s no update from Fiverr, although I sent multiple messages to ask.

After that, I opened a new ticket to ask a reason why. Then, they locked my new thread!!!

At this time, I’m really disappointed and angry with Fiverr support.

  • If they can solve my problem, they can send me an update.
  • If they cannot solve my problem, they also send me a new message to explain.
  • I think if they can or cannot do, they have to send me some updates, right?

For now,
If I ask, they just KEEP SILENT & SILENT (This is a 10th silent day)
If I open a new thread to remind them, they will lock my new thread.

What do I have to do now?



Are you a new user Its very complicated for new users to work on feverr

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I think she is not a new user :wink:

What’s the technical problem you are experiencing? Perhaps someone of the forum can help

Definitelly not a new user, she is level two seller. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Opening a new topic about the same problem is seen as spam, and they can block you if you keep doing it.

If you wish to know if there are updates, you can send one polite message on the original thread. One message, not several, and no opening new tickets.


When you send multiple messages to ask the same thing without waiting for a response they do lock your thread. They consider it spam. They should have a warning that pops up about this so people understand not to send multiple posts on a ticket.


My experience is a bit different, every time I contact the CS, they respond my complaint with a very standard reply (the copy and paste kind of respond), which usually doesn’t answer any of my questions, then they close the case with questions unanswered. I cannot open the link where the thread is and thus have to open a new case. At least this has happened twice to me. I don’t know about other users here, but so far my experience with Fiverr CS has never been pleasant.