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I feel fiverr should not deduct percentage on late delivery if buyer accepts resolutions

I feel it is too harsh for fiverr to deduct some amount of percentage from you after late delivery if the buyer accepts to add more time since the buyer has accepted to add more it should no longer be reading late delivery until the added time elapses, some client can or play with the review button, they are fund of sending completed files back, even if it’s just a typo.

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I’m not sure I totally understand what you’re saying, but I think it’s to do with requesting extra time through the resolution center after an order duration has already ran out. If you request extra time before it goes into late (which is what any seller with foresight will do, as you likely know you’ll be late before the due date in most situations), the seller’s stats won’t be affected.


Once you have delivered an order and the client requests a revision, the timer does not actually run anymore. It shows that the order is running late but it will not affect your delivered on time stat because the order was delivered on time. I don’t know why Fiverr hasn’t changed that yet but as soon as you delivered the order, you don’t need to worry about the timer anymore.


It actually affected mine and was downgraded! its sad, so sad.

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But that’s because the delivery was late because you actually delivered late right? I’m talking about revisions.

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The revision was not delivered late.

But the initial order was delivered late?

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Hi, thanks for your comment. I have a query regarding late delivery/extra time request and was wondering if you could help me out. My specific situation is this:

Since I already knew I would need more time to complete the order, yesterday I requested extra time (1 day) before the delivery time was due. Now my work is ready to be delivered, but the buyer has not accepted the Request, although he told me he was okay with it through Fiverr chat. Now it’s been almost 24 hours since I placed the Request and he hasn’t accepted it yet.


Now, my question is this: should I deliver the order before the 24 hours of extra time requested are due, or should I wait for him to accept the Request?

What I’m trying to avoid is getting a hit in my stats for late delivery, which is why I requested the extra time early in the first place.

Thanks in advance.

You can wait a bit, but not too long. Also send him a reminder via inbox

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barrisam I see. Thank you.

I’m pretty sure the late delivery will count against you no matter what now, but I hope you delivered before the 24 hour mark. Because from there, I’m pretty sure the buyer can cancel and leave an automatic 1 star review.

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Thank you for repyling.

In this link you can find an answer that also helped me clarify how the system works regarding this issue:

Hope it helps!

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