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I feel he may be trying to get extra work done but without paying for a new gig

This client has always gave me good reviews and work as well as pay. i have done about 7 orders for him. but lately on the last few he is now asking for not one but4 redos and each one is asking me to say something different in place of something else. I feel he may be trying to get extra work done but without paying for a new gig. one of the times he asked the order was already complete and he rated with a positive. he mentions I may have to reopen the order and have you fix something because now the company wants to change a few words. i mentioned to him this right here:

"Ok. I hear you. keep me posted. I appreciate your business.

I believe it would be a good idea to submit another gig at some point. I want to make sure I keep a good relationship with you.

I also want to make sure that I do not have to redo an order more than a few times whenever possible, unless mistakes on my part then I am more than happy to take care of it. My wife and I oversee this fiverr account and desire to maintain positive feedback.

Please let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks. I welcome your response."

what do you guys think? was this a god way for me to mention this or what would you have said. keep in mind the orders i delivered were to spec and he loved them but wanted to add this and add that…take away this and now say this…yada yada yada…i believe you guys get my point…please respond with something that will help me deal with this issue. - See more at:

:open_mouth: That is a great way to put it so he won’t feel offended.

Or you can specify in your gig description first, that you will only accept request for modification IF it was a mistake on your part, and if it’s heading to a different direction it will require a new order because each time you change it, it’s already multiple work

And that buyers must state all clearly in the beginning and no changing of mind afterwards, if change of mind = new version =new order