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I feel let down

I got into an agreement with someone on Fiverr but even though they took my money and i felt we had built up a relationship … to the point they begged me to leave a 5 star review without fulfilling my order … they clearly have just took my money and have no intentions of fulfilling it … i am very disappointed … how do i trust the next person ?


First of all, never leave a review to the order that is not completed. Obviously if a seller is asking a review upfront they don’t have an intention of doing a good job for you.

Secondly you should contact customer support and ask them for money back as you seller violated 2 most important rules on fiver: they didn’t complete an order and sent partial delivery and they asked for a review.
I’m sure that support will return your funds and most likely ban that seller.


I’m also a new seller here in android development and graphics design category .
I don’t know what to say you but if you don’t satisfied your work or the seller doesn’t have any intention to fulfill the requirement then forget about 5 star. just leave him 1 star and contact the support. they will not do these kind of things second time ever.