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I feel like an idiot >_<

Today, I had my biggest order of the year from a guy I brought over from Reddit ( great place to advertise ) BUT being the dumb idiot I am I accidentally sent him the offer from another gig rather than the gig it was meant for. God, I feel like an idiot right now.

Why don’t you withdraw that offer and send him the correct one?

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So did that make him decide not to hire you?

Oh no, everything went ok but it did lead to some confusion. Luckily, managed to sort everything out.


Usually it’s not a big deal as long as you can deliver good service.

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We all make mistakes :wink: The most you can do is fix it and apologize, and if that doesn’t solve the issue, it’s not your fault they’re a jerk. Glad it did work out though.

I do not think it’s a big mistake, because in the end, the money goes to your account and the client will receive what he needs.

Mistake that you should feel stupid, is if the price was $ 1000 and you placed $ 10 … LOL

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I’ve done that before since a couple of my gigs overlap. It happens! Don’t beat yourself up over it :slight_smile: