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I Feel Like Fiverr Is Rigged Sometimes

I noticed that when I search for any of my other gigs besides my main gig/the very first gig that I created, none of the others show up in the main search. To be more specific, I searched for the second gig I had created. I have had this gig for a good while. Today, I realized when I search for my gig there’s someone else that just started offering the same gig. This would be fine, however this persons gig shows up in the direct search and mine doesn’t. I feel as though mine deserves to show up in the direct search since mine was first on Fiverr and has more sales already and 100% feedback. Not to mention this other person already has 5 other gigs that are seemingly selling pretty well, and for the reason I’m assuming all of which show up in the search results. When I search for this specific gig, all that shows up is my main gig/first gig. How is someone supposed to know about this second gig that I offer if the only gig that is showing up is just the very first gig that I created when this other specific gig is searched for? Even with high rating clicked, my main gig shows up second to his, and my second gig actually does have more orders shows up on the very bottom, not even in the recommended or high rating. So now, it’s just going to go down the drain because all anyone will see is this persons new gig instead. That doesn’t seem fair in the least bit. There’s always these unwritten set backs that prevent getting the least bit ahead. I’m unfortunately feeling like something is rigged here.

@bachas85 Thanks for your reply, I dont think you understand what my post is about specifically. If you did, you would understand that this gig was not earned in the ranking. I know my post is a bit confusing, but please try to re read what exactly happened

@bachas85 @kjblynx Yes I do understand that, I have heard that before as well. However, let’s say you created a gig a year ago and this gig was one of a kind. Then all of a sudden someone else creates the same gig. Yours was the first, you have more orders already, and 100% feedback etc. and it doesn’t even show up in the recommended or high rating at all. Is that fair that person’s gig would get a spot in the recommended and high ratings while yours just shows up in the more results area? What I wonder is how Fiverr chooses what gigs get placement. It’s rigged

I wonder if it’s a result of a limitation of their infrastructure. After all, there must be ways of modifying search results without excluding any of them.

@ricksper It is a lot of gigs to be included in one area. The old search prior to the new Fiverr interface seemed to be better. As an example of my issue, it’s extremely flawed. There has to be another method that will work better