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I feel like I am being scammed and customer support can't seem to help


I have been using Fiverr since 2011 and with hard work, prompt deliveries and a LOT of patience, I was able to maintain that 5-star or 100% positive rating.

A few days ago, Someone ordered my flyer design gig, This buyer added “include source files” as a gig extra which made the order a total of $20, I delivered the poster in less than 10 hours and everything’s based on her requirements. (She requested to add silhouettes of dancers and a super colorful map that she attached)

Buyer responded and asked for revisions as she wants to add more green, make the flyer a lighter color and she wanted the super colorful map to cover the FULL poster. (The map is very distracting and limits the design, I tried to explain this to her but she didn’t seem to care.) Anyway, as I am commited to provide revisions until my buyer is satisfied, I sent her the revisions as soon as I could. I followed all her instructions and then She responded “now, it’s too green”

I made more revisions and after that, she tried to cancel the order with the note" I didn’t like the styles offered, very poor quality" I understand that everyone has a different taste or style, but I have completed over 400 orders on this website, all positive feedback and 5 stars for all the orders I have delivered. (in the earlier days, it was simpler… We get a thumbs up) I have a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Arts and more than 7 years experience working as a designer, So I’m confident to say that there was nothing wrong with the quality of the designs I submitted to her.

Anyway, I offered more revisions and asked what was wrong with my delivery? What exactly does she want me to change? I also asked if she can attach sample designs she like so I can get an idea of what she’s looking for. She did not send anything and my questions were left unanswered. I kept sending revisions to give her more options to choose from and 7 designs later, She still keeps trying to cancel the order. The buyer also started being rude and was saying things like “CANCEL YOUR POOR HORRIBLE WORK” “You’re a waste of time” etc. I still declined the cancellation request as I didn’t feel she deserves a refund after all the work I have done and because she was very rude. Also, My portfolio is visible to everyone, so If she doesn’t like my style/work, then why did she order from me in the first place? I am positive that she’s just trying to scam me. I am offering unlimited revisions but she didn’t want to cooperate. I contacted customer support and they can’t seem to do anything, They’re saying they can’t complete an order if the buyer isn’t satisfied and that they can’t remove a negative rating as it’s the buyer’s opinion. (she’s still trying to cancel and get a refund so no negative feedback as of now but I am 100% sure she will leave one when she can) If I accept mutual cancellation, it’s like I just allowed myself to get scammed. She’ll keep abusing other sellers if Fiverr just lets her get away with this.

I don’t know what to do anymore as I followed all of CS suggestions and even if I accepted mutual cancellation, how can I be sure she won’t just steal and use my design anyway? She has the source files too.

She sent more rude messages like “You are so pathetic.I gonna make sure I mark this shitty job as complete and waste my $20 so I can leave you a really truthful feedback. Go to hell, maybe there you might learn to design better :middle_finger:” This was after I sent her a suggestion to offer a partial refund (CS suggested this to me) I told her that I know she’s just trying to scam me and get my work free. I contacted customer support more than 3 times for this order yet their response seems very generic and repetitive, almost like I’m talking to a bot. Am I supposed to tolerate this behaviour? I’m being insulted and harassed all because $20 ($16 after Fiverr takes their cut) I reviewed the TOU and my buyer obviously broke some rules yet nothing is being done. /RANTOVER


I am going to tell you what to do and I hope you do it.

Keep resending the last design you sent each time she uses the cancellation button.

Do not care if she leaves a bad review. You have enough good ones that it will make absolutely no difference in your amount of sales, I promise you.

No matter what she threatens or how many times she insults, threatens and tries to cancel DO NOT ALLOW HER TO CANCEL. You did more than enough work, you know what she is up to, and she is trying to victimize you.

Stand up for yourself and refuse above all else to give her a refund even a partial one, as you did the work and deserve to be paid.

Do not engage in any conversation with her, just keep refusing to refund.

No! You are supposed to refuse to let her have her money back above all else.

Yes you ARE being scammed. Don’t allow it. You can stop it so easily so just don’t give a refund.


Agree with you
when i contact support team for some issue they replied same answers on different questions like bots did :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your advice. At this point, I don’t care anymore if she leaves a negative feedback, I just want this order to be completed so I can move on. (The countdown restarts everytime she tries to cancel) So frustrating…


It is quite satisfying when you refuse, no matter what or how long it takes, to not give a refund. It is a new freedom from being scammed used and abused. It means you won.

I’ve done this twice now and it was fun and exhilarating. I thought of it as a game.


but if buyer contact CS for direct cancellation??

it happened with me 2 times i refuse to give refund and then buyer gets their order cancelled directly through CS team :frowning:


The only problem is what if I need a break from Fiverr and can’t login for 3 days.


CS won’t give them a refund if you did the work properly. They wont!


I like it :wink:


Well that’s up to you if you want to put the effort into this game but I strongly recommend it for your own self esteem.


I intend to do this for as long as possible. I’m sure she will get tired one day and just give up. hahaha


Wonderful! When they see you are not giving in they give up usually.


Good on you!

The Fiverr app for iPhone and Android is good. Every notification flashes up on your phone. Maybe set it up if you need to leave for a few days and are worried the cancellation could slip through.


But I still hope Fiverr suspends her, I reviewed Fiverr’s Terms of Use and she definitely broke some rules.


We are on our own now when it comes to this kind of scam buyer. I wish all who find themselves with this kind of scam attempt would say no and resend that last delivery 1000 times if that’s what it takes.

One seller reported he sends a picture of himself to the scam buyer, of himself holding the money they paid him and laughing.

The first time it happened to me, I spent about three solid hours resending the delivery, while the increasingly angry buyer, who kept only saying “I need my money” threatened me.
She finally gave up and went away.


OMG! I am laughing right now


I feel a lot better after posting this rant, sometimes we just need to let it all out. It’s nice to see users supporting each other on the forums too. Thank you! I appreciate all of your replies.


Have you reported this particular message and as well notified CS of this via a screenshot? It is against fiverr rules to be abusive and that certainly is abusive and not to be tolerated anywhere - let alone a professional platform. So sorry you’ve had this experience.


Plus if they do leave a bad review - you can quote them verbatim in your reply to show their behaviour towards you.


Hi, Yes! I updated my ticket and just got a response now. They said they are reviewing buyer’s behavior. I’ll just wait and see what happens.