I feel like I'm not getting orders as usual..HELP!


Hey…It’s ben 6 moths since i started working on Fiverr.com the first two 3 months were GREAT…but it all changed after suspending my gigs and “quitting” Fiverr temporarely so that i can focus on my studies.Anyway, i re-activated my gigs after the exams so that i can recapitulate the work.a week passed,another did…still no orders!

now it’s been 2 months and still no orders! i’m so confused! any ideas?


Reply to @madmoo: i guess i don’t have problems with the tags and the keywords…

i guess my gigs are like “boring” “oldfashioned”…i think i need to find the “next great idea!”


Reply to @madmoo: Okey! I’ll do it!

Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile: