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I feel like people are FINALLY ordering!


I wanted to tell all you new sellers to be patient!! I found personally that you have to be patient and wait for others to see your gig :slight_smile:

I posted videos for my gigs, and also post more than one gig. Be creative too!


Totally agree. The same thing happened with my gig. You just need to put together a solid gig, and await for the orders to come through. Sometimes it’ll be just 1 or 2 orders, other days it can 5 or 6 it really varies. I think the key is consistent value, excellent gig ratings, and sticking to fiverr rules and policies:)


I know what you mean. I finally got my 10th order today :slight_smile:


Congrats fellow seller! Keep it up. I am doing my best too. Soon, you’ll be a level 1 seller. Lots of interesting stuff then. Good luck! :)>-


Great! Congrats to you :wink:


Thank you everyone!!


So far, yes I have noticed it to be helpful! Thank you so much!