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I feel my Gigs need Scrutiny by Level 1 and 2 Sellers

Hi, i am editorfocus please criticize my Gigs…
Here’s is the link
I’m open to your views and promise to effect change where is needful. Thanks in anticipation!

I really don’t want to hurt your feelings, but there are so many mistakes in your gigs and profile, it would be difficult to know where to start.

I fear that if you offer this service, you’re going to end up disappointed, with unhappy customers and negative reviews.

Is there anything else you could offer on Fiverr which wouldn’t require a high standard of English?

Good luck! :sunny:


Just curious as to why you chose a proofreading gig?

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Convenience, I assume. He/she probably thinks that proofreading is the easiest job that doesn’t require a lot of work. In other words… “I can make a lot of money, without having to do too much hard work in return, 'cause, hey, all I have to do is type my buyer’s stuff into Word, and Word will fix everything for me. Yay, easy money!” .

[eye roll]

It’s pretty clear from looking at the OP’s bio/gig that he/she does NOT have a professional-level understanding of the English language. That is the last person anyone would – or should – hire for proofreading services.