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I feel nervous... again

Hi there,

My freelance career started this April and everything has been good so far, I got a few small jobs here and there, a couple big ones and a couple long time projects, I have been busy until now, but now I’m starting to run out of long projects and I am getting anxious again…

I know that things are like that in freelancing, one day you are overworked and in the other you got nothing…

But I can’t help but feel anxious about it…


Not all persons can withstand the uncertainty of freelancing/entrepreneurship. In fact, I may say that only few people can. Sleepless nights, tummy ache, stress, tension, anxiety, vital decisions… your personality type must be strong enough to survive through this while keeping your workflow and efficience output intact.

When someone decides to go the freelancing way, the first question that arises in their minds is “will I earn enough for a living?”, others think “Let’s start my journey to the luxury and rich world!”.

The harsh truth is the first question that should arise is “Will I survive this?”. Literally.

I know people that got really ill. Health is not a matter you can just ignore. Because if you get sick here, you may loose all the work done, and your illness will become worse and worse, because you are loosing orders, and you are earning nothing.

This path is really for a special kind of people that can overcome all of this. If you think you will be stressed, anxious in this environment, perhaps you may align your efforts in a more stable, solid work, if possible.

A simple tip: just have another card in your sleeve, just in case. That relieves a lot.

Besides that (it was not really for you, just a general comment), yes, you will face stale times. That’s normal. You must compensate them with the busy months. If you earn one month $3000 and the next $500, you must think you are earning $1750 per month. Average month earnings per year are the best way to have a good earnings overview.


It is normal bro, it has happened to me many times in my freelancer career. All I can say is: don’t depend on others to give you work, use your unemployment time to think about your skills and what your heart desires to achieve.

For instance, are you a designer/artist? What did you dream about you wanted to become? You must realize you can make it. All you need is to realize what you’re good at and connect it to that desire your heart wants. Then just put time and effort on that and the path will slowly reveal itself. Always aim to be great.

Also, think about what you are not. For instance, I graduated as a Bachelor in Business Administration because I wanted to make money. I didn’t study to become an architect or a writer because I thought those were badly paid professions, although I loved architecture and writing. Now I don’t really do anything related to management because I never wanted to be a manager, and instead, I do translations which are related to writing, and I’m completely switching to writing because it has always been one of my passions, and the road to that goal and to success is revealing itself through this.


Thank you a lot, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh I do have a plan for my downtime,

What a coincidence, I’m a translator too, and also an Business ad bachellor,

According to my senior translators, my the next step in my career is to create a translation site/blog and start sending emails to translation companies to jin their rooster of freelancers.

I also plan to polish my profiles, write for my personal blog, and try to get more jobs, of course, especially in my dream field, video game localization, which I was lucky enough to get 2 already, on Reddit, so, I have experience…

I mean, I started in April, I’m doing ok I think…

But anxiety is a b*tch…


It is cool to hear that. I switched to this field because ever since I was a kid I was good with languages and later during school I learned to type fast in the computer just because I didn’t want to spend much time doing homework. I also read a lot. All of these skills connected into what I’m really doing right now and what I want to achieve.

Remember, you will reach cross paths many times. Sometimes one way will be completely blocked and you will realize it was the other way, always use your heart to guide you. For instance, for me, the translation path is being blocked, I have been trying for some years now and I don’t see a way forward and the writing path is completely being revealed, which is also what my heart really desires. I realized my ultimate goal was not to be a translator but a writer. Being a translator was just one step towards that goal.

I like writing too, I got a small personal blog where I write about stuff…
It will be nice having some time for it again, at least for a while…
One step at a time rigth?