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I feel proud to reached 100 orders in just 8 months. How long did it take you to reach 100 orders?

I feel extremely proud to have reached 100 orders in just 8 months. The person who introduced me to didn’t reach this milestone until one year after joining. How long did it take you to reach 100 orders? I am just trying to see if I am doing well.

Just to update from my last post, i just got my 100th order!!! So 1 month and 5 days that 's how long it took me to get to 100 orders. Things have slowed down though mostly because i changed my prices after i leveled up this weekend. I am happy to keep them slow for these 2 weeks but after that i hope to get back up to 2-3 orders a day like i was doing in October

I think I needed around 5-6 months, it was 4 years ago so I am not sure… But I know that in first 2-3 months I didn’t sell almost anything :smiley:

Reply to @m2webs: To achieve that milestone in 5 to 6 months is great. It’s better than what I did. Congrats.

The person who introduced me to took one whole year to achieve 100 orders. Am happy to have done it in 4 months less than he did. :-))

I joined Fiverr 20 days ago and i am now on my 53rd order. I am very grateful that my gigs took off so fast but i know that my gigs will stall at some point soon because of their nature. So i am not sure if i’ll reach that 100 milestone as fast as i have reached the half point, will see. Fingers crossed

Reply to @lilianarice: I must say that you are a real proof of what I am telling to new members all the time. When you are in competitive niche you must give more or give cheaper in order to start selling.

You offer 1500 words for $5 and average is 400 words. Practically for $5 you give 3-4 times bigger article than others.

Many new writers would just put 400 words and compete against 100 other writers and then complain why they didn’t get any orders.

About “stalling” I must say that it should not happen. If you deliver a good work for what you offer right now you can only get more orders in future as your customer base grows. Many people in future will order multiple gigs and pay you for regular writing services.

Great Job!

Reply to @kelbyjones: Actually I didn’t do anything special to get so many orders. I just offered something better for less money in my category and buyers were just coming :slight_smile:

Reply to @m2webs: Thank you, that is exactly the entry strategy that i used. I researched my market for similar gigs and decided how i could outdo them. I know i am a superior writer, yes no modesty at all ;), but i also know how competitive the segment is so i offer more for less money. The catch is that, i actually write well researched and original content which takes too much time for it be sustainable on $5. I need to spend less time on each gig.

Once i level up, I’ve been planning to reduce the number of words being offered for the writing gig and to make a lot of the research as extras. This is why i am worried about the gigs stalling, what if my current buyers no longer have work for me and my gigs no longer look as attractive to new buyers? I am trying to research in advance how buyers respond when you change the gig terms. I know those that already buy for me will come back for the quality but i don’t want to hit a slump either

Congratz on 100! Awesome work! Keep it Up! Go for 200! You can do it!

And as for me…uhm…I’m right in the 80’s and its been around 20-ish days or so for me actually selling, so havent got a 100 yet, I have altered gigs on purpose to slow gigs, by having really long wait times and higher prices for things on purpose, to slow it down a bit, once I have some offsite stuff caught up, I’ll crank it up again full spend, kind scary im still getting several a day with the high prices and huge waits…


Congratulations for the century ! :slight_smile:

100 is too far for me. Have just reached 24 orders so far. But am 18 days old on Fiverr so its kindda ok :slight_smile:

Congratulations, it took me around 2 months and it all went great so far!

Reply to @lilianarice: It’s always on and off. You will do well one month and then not so well the next.


I joined fiverr 17 days ago and I have completed 23 order till now but still not reached Level 1. Am I too slow ?

Reply to @lilianarice: You sell 1500 words for $5? No wonder you are inundated with orders!

Also, I am on the opposite end of your spectrum, I do not get many orders and I do not want many because I would prefer to take my time with the people I do work with. I don’t like feeling rushed. I hope they never feature me because I don’t need all of that traffic, I do this for lunch money and because I enjoy it. I raised my prices after I leveled up as well and my gig stalled for a week and then went back to normal. No one offers the service I do so if they really need it, they pay for it. I’m worth it.

I think I’ve been lucky. It took me a month and a half.

Wow… I am proud of you.

Reply to @kreativa: Thank you and congrats to you too.

Reply to @goldennest: Thank you very much.