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I feel so frustrated with the thumbnails issue


Some time ago all the gig thumbnails were set to the first frame of video previews. Now the button “Set as Preview” is activated again, but thumbnails don’t change in search results or in the profile. They get updated on the gig page only. So my last added gig has a black thumbnail. How do you think, is it bad for sales?

But it’s a half of the problem. The second part is that the video quality and as the result the quality of the thumbnail taken from the video is very very low. In some cases it’s enough, but in my case it’s a mess. Check my last gig:

The gig preview has so ridiculously shitty compression, like it was ok 15 years ago.

So when I pick a thumbnail from the video it’s so ugly, that I think, may be it’s better to remove the video from my gig. Then I’ll have a decent thumbnail taken from the gig images, which will be shown in search results.

If only I could upload a thumbnail image or use an image from the gig gallery…

It’s a deadend! The black thumbnail in search results or the gig without a video. What would you chose? =


Many are frustrated by this latest problem Until it’s resolved, you can whatever you want as a thumbnail to the beginning of the video and that will be the preview.


It’s hurt my conversion percentage for sure. Takes time and work to do a new video, but I know that Fiverr is losing a bit of income on this bug. The video quality and thumbnails are both blurry compared to before and the site looks unkept with all of the thumbnails either a blackscreen, or the beginning of a drawing for whiteboard animation, or your face is stuck on stupid lol.

I’m sure they will fix it, but not sure what they were doing to mess it up in the first place. ???


Many are frustrated by this latest problem Until it’s resolved


It has been resolved - there hasn’t been a problem with choosing video thumbnails for a while as far as I’m aware?

This thread is almost 3 years old…


I changed the video thumbnail by pausing the video on the required frame and saved. They say it might take 6 hours to update but even after 15 hours it’s not updated. So I am still waiting and I have created a ticket.