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I feel that the client wants to leave a bad review

The situation is such. It seems to me that the client is talking a little disparagingly. 2. He made an order in another Gig. I asked to cancel this Gig and make an order in a more suitable Gig. For one reason or another, I did a cancelation twice, but the buyer refuses to accept the cancellation. He still requests to complete his order. And it seems to me that it requires it only to put a bad review.
How to get a customer to accept a cancellation? Thanks.

If the customer won’t accept the cancellation, you click “resolution center” and ask customer service to cancel for you.


yes, I understand, but what cause to name?

They don’t need to know any reason. Just say Please cancel this order, thank you.

Or you could say Please cancel this order as this is not something I feel I can do, thank you.


Did it as you advised. Thank you.


You know :grinning:, I did it.

  • I wrote to customer support ''Please cancel this order, thank you"
  • customer support - “Before we cancel this order for you, I would kindly ask you to notify your buyer that you won’t be able to complete it.”
  • I wrote this warning to the buyer (already in third)
  • Buyer cancel his order and left one strar review
  • customer support - “You are very welcome. We are glad we could help.”

All very g r e a t :rofl: :disappointed_relieved:


The client was actually a seller. (If you have done some research) :slight_smile:

‘’ Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time! ‘’

It seems like support didn’t cancel the order …

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Such is sellers life on fiverr.

All Ok. But It’s bad that I can not leave a response to his review.

I’m surprised Fiverr is letting the review appear on your page. That’s really unfair.