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I feel there is a scam going on

I bought a gig and sent questions to the seller… He never responded.

After a day I went and canceled the gig. When it got down to the last hour. The seller denied the request.

I was hoping he was busy and is back on track and ready to deliver my order.

24 hours goes by and the seller did not deliver and marked the order as finished.

I then brought it to and had to wait the three days.

Today when it was about to cancel (1 hour left)

The seller mutually agreed to cancel the order.

So he can waste my time? but never respond or deliver?

He is a new seller with NO orders but mine. I wanted to give the new guy a chance… Now I wasted my time.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Because it is a new seller he/she might not even have a clue of what is going. But you might be right…I guess only time will tell if the seller will continue receiving orders in the future. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it …

Why didn’t you ask questions before you placed the order? What kinds of questions?

It is assumed I think that when you place an order you are ready to go with it, and the gig starts. YOu supply the information request by the seller after you purchase the gig and then the sellers work on it and deliver it to you. The sellers are usually the ones to ask you the buyer questions if they do not understand the materials or instructions you give when you purchase the order.

I really hate to say this but I’ve had a hard time ordering from new sellers as well. I’m a seller so that’s why I hate to say it, but I do buy also and I love to give work to new people. I don’t think it is usually a scam. I think it is usually people that are confused or don’t have strong communication skills and perhaps they panic.

After my problems there are 2 things I do. I contact sellers first to see if they can correspond with me and will answer a basic question. That works fairly well. If I see someone on the forums who is brand new and seems eager to work I will often look to see if they have a gig I can use. That way I see their skills right here and know they are chomping at the bit. Sorry for your experience and I hope you’ll keep at it!

Sorry you had this problem but I want to piggy back on what fonthaunt said. Fiverr is buggy – way too many problems. Not making excuses for the seller but I would not be so quick to label it as a scam. I get tons of buyers making constant mistakes be it they don’t understand something or there is an issue with their account. The seller should of communicated better and to be honest, he may of tried to do so. I know when I have a mutual cancellation I would send the buyer a message. It turns out, that they would never get that message and instead they thought I was cancelling out of the blue with no explanation. I told Fiverr of this bug but nothing was done.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

fonthaunt said: If I see someone on the forums who is brand new and seems eager to work I will often look to see if they have a gig I can use.
I'm not new, but I'm eager! :p

Reply to @itsyourthing: Ok, I am going to buy your “I will entertain FontHaunt on the forums and send a video of me dancing a St. Patrick’s jig” gig!

Darn - 2 problems. You don’t have a jig gig designed just for me! I only have .49 credit in my account so you will need to send me a custom quote. Please make it for .48 cents so I don’t feel completely broke. :stuck_out_tongue: