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I feel unsafe as a seller

I feel unsafe as a seller.
I feel it because some buyers asked to communicate outside Fiverr. I respect Fiverr policy. so I reported as soon as possible. But, the buyer gets a notification after I reported to the fiver. Then the buyer doesn’t wait to report me as well without any reason just for revenge and fiver thinks we actually did. But this is is some kind of revenge that the seller facing after reporting to Fiver.

What can I do? I need suggestions.
is it better not to report about buyers even though they tried to communicate outside the fiver?


If you’re going to report buyers for behaviour that breaks the ToS, you need to be squeaky clean yourself, so nobody can report you for anything.

You’ve got a gig offering economics assignments. Offering to do academic work is against the ToS. Perhaps if you remove that gig, your buyers won’t find anything to report you for? :wink:


thanks, that helps me a lot. i will definitely remove it now.


Do you inform the Buyers who try to contact you outside of Fiverr that they are violating the Fiverr ToS?

If not, maybe let them know as there is a possibility that some Buyers do not know this.

That way, you are not really setting yourself up for retaliation.


Yes they know it, and continuously asking for outside contract that’s why i reported to fiverr from inbox message. after reporting, i got warning twice. that means he reported me twice and blocked me also.

Do yourself a favour.

Just block them.

Fiver do not help on such issue. i feel unsafe really. they continuously supported buyer without second thought.

if i block them, aren’t they able to report me ?

You sort of have a choice here.

You can block them and forget them OR you can report them and live in fear of them reporting you.

I’m different than you.

None of that stuff scares me.

If I were you, I’d warn them once that they are violating Fiverr ToS.

If that doesn’t work, I’d remind them that any further contact would result in me reporting them to Fiverr CS and blocking them.

Or you can skip all of that, block them first and just get back to why you are on Fiverr - to sell freelance services.


Just because someone reports you, doesn’t mean Fiverr is gonna restrict your account. They’re going through a heck of a process before do a permanent restriction. Even my profile went such a process. as long as you did nothing against the ToS, you must be good. On the other hand, Fiverr does allow you to communicate outside of the platform if that communication is required to complete a task. so keep that also in mind.