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I Feel Unsatisfied With The Response I Got From Fiverr Support Team

I recently wrote to Fiverr Support Team requesting them to add Swahili language to this link

This is because i am offering Swahili to English translation gig. And what was their response? Below is the response i got from Fiverr Support Team

"Thank you for the feedback, it has been noted with our Product team."

I feel unsatisfied since i was expecting their response to be like(yes we have noted and we will add it) According to their response, i am not sure whether they will add the language or not. I don’t know whether my Swahili to English translation gig will get orders or not. What should i do now? Contribute… Just advice me. What should i do?

You really cannot do anything, you suggested it to them and now it’s up to them to decide whether they will implement it or not.

I don’t think whoever answered you has the complete right and authority to say he/she can add it directly… it always has to go through the right team or etc…approved by etc and etc…

But actually you can get sales from any kind of gigs, you have the complete freedom to make your own gig title and gig description as long as it doesn’t violate Fiverr’s TOS… So there is still a possibility of getting sales from the Swahili translation even though the language is not fully supported in the platform yet… If someone searches “Swahili translation”, your gig will most likely be part of the results in the search since you are offering something not a lot of people offer here. :slight_smile:

When you offer a suggestion, it goes to a customer service representative who then forwards it to the correct department. They do look at suggestions but it can take time.

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