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I feel very disappointed for not getting orders anymore. Please help!


I am a level one Fiverr seller with more than 80 completed orders with 5 stars rating.

Suddenly, I stopped getting orders anymore and I don’t know why or what to do!
I have done everything to improve my gig like: changing my gigs title, changing the video, using new hashtags and lower my prices. But still no activity. only old clients who wanted to work again with me.

I need to know if that’s normal and if everyone here should have a period like this. And will I get orders like before or I have to create a new account.
I was getting more than one order every day but now maybe order per two weeks!
please help!


Yes, that’s completely normal, I guess most people at a point had/have a period like that.

I had time issue I was not able to nourish my gigs

I also have 300+ 5 stars and just 2 gigs but from last 1-2 months my sales just came from my old buyer. I don’t know if its sudden decrease for all or just me.

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I have been in this period for 50 days until now. I hope it ends fast :confused:

Exactly the same here

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I update my gig , tags and images and start sending buyer request but no improvement

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I start having the same issue after my vacation for like a month and then no order ever since.
:unamused:Still beating myself up for ever taking the vacation.

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If it makes you feel any better, your doing better than me mate :slight_smile: I’ve been hustling away and still can’t even land one client :frowning:

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This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


all of the current orders are from old buyers

I think I have done all of the mentioned tips. Thank you.

And now, while UPDATING gig’s video. Fiverr removed my best seller gig forever without any clear reason. they said that (We noticed your video contains an audiomark, trial version banner, or watermark that is not your own. If you provide services as a video animator or creator in the Video & Animation category)
And that’s not true. they accepted that video before and I am providing everything in it.
I think I am done with this site.

Same here mate. 60 days of drought :sleepy:

Check your gig status. And its normal. Like for my case i get 5-6 order at a time then there is a gap as like for 4-5 days. Then again i get multiple order. For the time being focus on buyer request