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I Finally Did It - Will I Die?

No, I haven’t decided to move to Scandinavia and become a naturalist. Instead, an hour ago, I decided to do something even more daring. - I’ve gone and raised my prices.

Having spent the past 3-DAYS wrestling with a batch of 14 articles with the vaguest brief possible (write about these 14 services but don’t say what we do or how we do them), I have finally realized that one day my brain is just going to fall out.

Then there’s the math. The dollar is dead. Coffee costs more than it did last year. I’m literally working like a beggar trying to make myself more homeless.

Given the escalating cost of coffee and cigarettes I have, therefore, upped my minimum writing price to $20. The only question is, will I now perish? Or will I now be able to open my arms to higher-quality buyers and a life of ultimate bliss like they say in the Fiverr fairytales?

That said, it is a bit sad that I will be demoted soon. :frowning:


You will not perish, there are buyers who are ready to pay for quality.

Not only will you not perish but you will wish you did it a long time ago.

Make sure to give it a month to get going and don’t panic if it slows down for a week or two at first. That’s what mine did when I raised my prices, although mine are considerably higher.


Well. I created another writing gig at $15 and that became my best seller. I’m not worried about sales slowing. I need time to focus on other things at the mo. I just don’t want my gig to die completely.

It won’t as long as buyers can see from your gigs and profile and reviews that you are worth it.

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You have unique gigs, almost all of them are rate 5.0, lots of reviews, and you’re certainly worth more money.

If it means having 7 orders instead of 14, you’ll survive, maybe even make more money.

I think a seller should be happy when he gets an order. If that happiness means writing 300 words instead of 500, charging $20 instead of $10, delivering in 7 days instead of 3, then the seller has to make that decision. That’s the difference between Fiverr vs. a full-time job.


Mr. Loquacious,
You will be fine! You deserve more for your writing if the writing you do on the Forum is any indication of your abilities. Good luck, Cy!


OMG - This is me every day of my life. Should I raise prices… should I not raise prices… I finally decided against raising prices. I guess change just scares me. I think being competitively priced for your market is really key to success.

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But if you do decide to move, Scandinavia is expensive. Think southward.

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I had to go on VM for a couple of weeks when I moved in December, so I dropped all my prices when I came back. Orders were pitiful and then they picked up and then I started getting “want the world for $5” people. I raised prices on most of my gigs about 3 weeks ago and after about 10 days of slowdown, my orders came back to the nearly the same volume as before. They’ve been higher quality orders on top of that. I’m SO glad I was able to raise my prices again and it was worth a few days of waiting for some new buyers. Best of luck to you, Cy. :slight_smile:

If you do die, there is a resurrection gig that is still available in the fun category. I’m willing to throw in five bucks to help you out, so rattle some chains or some cauliflower and I’ll know you need a rez potion. :zombie:


The key thing to price increases working is making sure that you are delivering what people are looking for and that your gig reflects the new price.
Looking at the gig “provide-you-with-seo-optimized-content-writing” I see the description and FAQ has references to the old pricing/word count which need to be fixed up. Comb through the description and FAQs and update them to reflect the new price - eg. I presume you don’t offer 5 articles at $6-7 any more? It says that in the FAQ.

The only other thing I would say is that any SEO article writer should start their word count at 400 words (with whatever price that should be) as it is generally accepted, and the answer that people will find if they search, that 400+ word articles are significantly more valued by Google than those of 300 words. When I buy 300 word articles, I tend to add in some text content during the editing phase but many buyers will want a fully finished piece which is ready to post.

Finally, give the price increase some time. If may only take a couple of days to lose old buyers who wont pay the new price and so you might see an immediate hit in income but it will take a little time to build up some “new regulars” so I suggest you do a full audit of the gigs now and make all changes that are necessary at once so the gig is only out of search results once.


That’s what scares me the most when hiring writers. I would rather pay more and know that writer can actually take time to focus on my article. I don’t know what’s the process behind it, but I would expect that a writer needs at least 5-6 hours to come up with a decent article and even then it won’t be 5 hours straight, it would probably be spread across 2-3 days.
I know there are a ton of talented people here, but if I see 10 people in their queue and a writer gives 2-3 day delivery time then I simply can’t believe that they will produce quality work.

I fully support the idea of increasing prices and deadlines.