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I finally got a first threat on my life


So, I had a buyer that messaged me, telling me he wasn’t happy with his order and then literally said, “Now give me a refund.” Alright. I make enough money in the week that one refund really isn’t going to hurt me at all. Plus, I’m ALL ABOUT customer satisfaction. Then I got a nice little inbox from him, after I already DELIVERED the gig AND gave him a refund.

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The button doesn’t work, OBG. :frowning: It hasn’t worked even when I first came on Fiverr. I was quite sauced last night when I received the message. I’m all about refunds because I’ve had my own share of bad sellers that sold me something I wasn’t expecting… but this guy, is hilarious.


Reply to @mrspanda: WOW! That’s scary, but he was obviously just a competitor who’s trying to get to you. And yes, that “report” button doesn’t work. :frowning:


Now that’s what I call real freaky weird (with a capital F & W). That is actually so illegal it is an offence they call computer rage & Fiverr needs to give him up to the cyber-crime squad to face charges (for real). Poor you, but he is obviously a very unwell person (mentally) so I cannot see any funny side to it (& neither do you no doubt).


Yup, I reported him to Fiverr manually (since the button is a dud). This is ridiculous. I hope no one else that works in my ‘category’ has had to deal with him. Like, threatening people over the internet? Silly silly.

I don’t take Fiverr THAT seriously that I would go around threatening my competitors.


Sigh. I got a customer like this one too and cursed me and stuff. Well, theres a lot of unprofessional/fickle minded people lurking around on fiver.


Lol… where do these people COME FROM?


Hey! mrspanda do you have anything to do with them Google animals that crawl the web looking for trouble? You know, Google penguin, spider & panda et cetera?


I have never heard of that, script, lol!


You’re a true star now!! :slight_smile:

Forget about them and their BS!! You are obviously a kind and caring person and very successful!


Now I’m curious what his question was for your tarot reading. Was it something along the lines of, “Do the cards think I’ll ever be released from the cuckoo’s nest?” You’re such a nice person. Sorry you had to deal with that.


First of all, I’m sorry to read that you had to deal with this creepy sad lonely person…

I guess he/she really needed the attention…

BUT OMG I LOVE YOUR whole “me and my hubby are trained by the Marine Corps” part!!

You guys kick @$$ !!! How cool is that!!! Way to go, Mrs. Panda!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

I agree with inegritymedia, I am quite curious what you read for this poor dude…

You handled the situation very well, thumbs up to you. :smiley:


Hehe thanks guys. I do feel really bad for him. I won’t talk about what he asked but my husband suggested I google his name… I did a quick google image search and name search. Apparently he has a Facebook fan page he made for himself where he claims he is the male nicki minaj. He also wears glitter and has pink hair… And he’s a rapper.

Thing was, I read very positively for him. I told him he will succeed in life but he had some issues that he needed to work out first- I noted that he needed to lay off the reefer.

He initially demanded to be bumped to the front for free or he would cancel in 24 hours and didn’t want to buy the express gig. I didn’t answer him cause he was actually up next anyway. I did the reading and he said “I feel that this is just your opinion and doesn’t relate to me at all. Now give me a refund.” Okay, princess. After what he messaged me though, I think I was spot on. He has some serious issues he needs to work out.


Whoops, looks like someone can’t handle introspection and thinks he’s a badass. I hope he gets banned. I don’t see why people can’t treat other people like human beings. D: Unless that really is how he treats his mother.


Sorry to hear about that mrs panda, glad it’s been resolved.

Curiosity is getting the better of me though. Your original post has a picture attached and somehow it won’t load. What does it say? I am intrigued…


blockquote>oldbittygrandma said: Dog the Bounty Hunter has hanging from his hair?? Yes, I so want that!!

I will loose all respect for you if you do that.

Listen to your husband. He talks sense.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I had a really bad customer too in the past, and posted a thread for this ( because I felt so angry…

But you know, @lblbeliefs wrote me this and I want to share it with you, because I’ve found it really soothing:

You definitely did the right thing. I have worked with people all my life. Have some compassion for him because you know what. What he wanted you to do was wrong. How he has handled it is wrong. He has said the things he has said to you because he is expressing how he feels about himself. His comments and actions are not a reflection of you...they are a reflection of HIM! So have compassion for him. Be thankful that is not you because can you imagine how miserable he must be? Don't give it another second of your positive energy. Stand tall with you head held high knowing that you handled it in the only way you could have.

Don't worry about this buyer, his life is probably miserable...
Go on with your wonderful work !!!



Its so ridiculous and a rude behaviour… On reading the way you reacted in the messages…teaches what a respect is…??

Awesome momma…


Hey, mrspanda, why would you pay so much attention to someone sending you that kind of messages? Next time, don’t feed the “troll”! Report to CS and ignore.

":slight_smile: take care" would be my last message.

You have better things in life to do apart of wasting it on such issues.


Unfortunately, when you decide to give readings via the internet, you are opening yourself up to all sorts of people who have all sorts of “issues”. Some just want to rip you off and say you didn’t read them the way you should have, some just want a free reading, some forgot to take meds, some want the impossible to come true, and some are just very sad and lonely people who have not learned how to interact and integrate themselves with other humans.

I get a sense with this one, they were out to ding you regardless of whether you told them they would be the next big thing or that they should enroll in tech school…when you become popular on ANY site that offers psychic readings, there are those who have either their minions or they themselves book a reading only to rip you a new one. It is killing someone that you have as many orders, feedback and are Level 2 in a short period, that they feel they need to come in and taint the waters.

I personally would not have continued to correspond with them once they were annoyed and saying rude things. I would have wished them well, refunded (if that is what you want to do) and wiped the slate clean. Their path of being negative is not what I am here to feed, and they have to learn their lessons on their own. Some may actually get off on the verbal bantering back and forth. LOL

No one is going to kill you, this person was just talking all nutty because their ego is in the way.