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I Finally Got My First Job!

I am a Beta reader, a ghostwriter, and a book editor. I joined Fiverr in September and to be honest, there was nothing I didn’t try to get myself noticed. My English skills and proficiency are on the Expert level and I passed all my Fiverr English tests and gigs related tests way above average marks. I had 4 active gigs that Fiverr algorithms just didn’t seem to recognize. The impressions increased in number over time but I had just a few clicks on each of my gigs. I read some people actually join Fiverr and get jobs almost immediately. I wondered why mine felt quite different as I did all I thought I should do; adjusted/edited my gigs always, participated in the forum, stayed online, responded to buyers’ requests, promoted my gigs - yet nothing. It simply meant my gigs hadn’t been ranked in the Fiverr algorithm, still.:pleading_face:

Suddenly my clicks dropped to zero, then I practically gave up trying (I actually did like 3 - 4 weeks ago) and said to myself “someday soon, someone will see the value of your work and send you a private message directly without you stressing yourself for it”. And I’d just check my profile and dashboard from time to time, not as often though.

That’s how I came online a few days ago and I found a message in my inbox with a job offer to beta read an amazing fiction! The excerpt was included and I loved it. I responded to the client and he replied almost immediately that I should send a custom offer and I did! A straightforward and brief conversation simply got converted to an amazing order. I’m happy!

Thank you, Fiverr for finally sending me out into the crowd!!! Even if it took so long, this Freelancer writing is super grateful!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@imagination7413 Please what was that sign on my post for? I don’t get it. What does it mean?

congratulations and best wishes for your upcoming orders

Congrats and Best of luck for future

If you mean moving the thread to ‘My Fiverr Gigs’, it’s because it is a celebration-focused thread.


Alright, thank you very much.